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PayFlex® is a unique resource designed around how you live and work — with tools for managing your finances and benefits planning; expert health advice, assessments and checklists; and keeping you “in the know.”

Understanding your benefits and improving your health while balancing work and family life can be complex. We’re here to help you take control of your well-being, whether it’s mentally, physically or financially.

It’s like having a caring, trusted advisor helping to look out for you every single day.

PayFlex®… it’s yours.

Your Advisor

Confused about your benefits? PayFlex® offers simple tools to help you understand your options and select the benefits that are right for you.

Your Personal Trainer

PayFlex® lets you design your own learning environment to improve your well-being through videos, personal health assessments and other online tools all at your fingertips.

Your Expert

Trying to make sense of your options in a sea of acronyms can be difficult. We're here to provide clarity so you can make informed decisions.

Your Problem Solver

Looking for healthcare items like contact lenses or hearing aids? PayFlex® connects you to a growing collection of retailers to make online shopping fast and easy.