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A Health Savings Account (HSA) is only offered to employees with High Deductible Health Plans. It provides tax-free flexibility for contributions, earnings and withdrawals for qualified medical expenses.

PayFlex® Health Savings Accounts are tailored to the requirements of employees who seek to balance quality healthcare with efficient financial management. Our goal is to make your healthcare planning simple, useful and cost-effective. And to help you save money for a mountain bike or a weekend getaway—the things you really want!

The right savings choice for High Deductible Health Plan participants

Take your money with you

Your PayFlex® Health Savings Account is portable, meaning that if you leave your employer, you can take your HSA funds with you. In addition, there is no ‘use it or lose it’ provision with an HSA. If you don’t use the money in your account by the end of the year, it simply stays there and collects interest on a tax-deferred basis.

Convenience and flexibility

Each PayFlex® Health Savings Account comes with a debit card that you can use when making qualified medical expenses. The card draws funds directly from your account for simple, tax-free spending on qualified expenses.

Personal investment options

The HeathHub Health Savings Account includes a banking partner who offers you a range of investment options to suit your financial needs. These banking partners can provide full details on the terms and conditions of each option.

Simplified paperwork

When you choose a PayFlex® Health Savings Account, you are not required to submit documentation to PayFlex to substantiate your transactions; however, you should keep itemized statements of these transactions in the event of an IRS audit.