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The PayFlex Card® provides point of sale access to your account funds. It is the most convenient way to pay for your eligible healthcare expenses.

It’s as easy as “select, swipe and save”

Accepted at over 98% of merchants

The PayFlex Card® is accepted at all qualified healthcare merchants including physician and dental offices, hospitals, mail order prescription vendors, hearing and vision care providers. The card can also be used at discount stores, grocery stores, and pharmacies, provided the merchant has implemented an IIAS.

No more paper claims

When your PayFlex Card® is used at the point of sale, you are not required to file a claim for that expense; however it is always good practice to keep your receipts in the event that you are asked to provide documentation.

One card, multiple accounts

In the event that you have multiple PayFlex accounts, you need only one PayFlex Card®. Our technology understands which purchases should be applied to any one of your accounts so you don’t have to.

For use with grace period claims too!

Yes, it’s true! You can use your PayFlex Card® for claims incurred during your grace period. These expenses are automatically applied to any remaining prior year’s balance first allowing you to use up your funds without having to file claims.